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Alukah debut "Burning Momentum" Video

When you love music, it's hard for almost anything to stop that love and creativity. Being that the rules have changed and are constantly evolving for a musician, the heavy metal group Alukah from Maryland is continuing to push their own creativity and idea even while all being stuck apart physically due to the virus.

Alukah is signed to the record company Stay Sick Recordings and represented by CB Entertainment for Management. After spending nearly all of 2019 on the road performing in support of their debut album, they entered the studio late in 2019. What was finished became ‘Descending’ a 10 song non-stop heavy metal journey. As time progressed to release the album, the virus began to show and all live concerts and even travel were eventually banned.

Leaving Alukah with a brand new album they had invested not only lots of hard work and time but budget into creating. The only logical thing to do? Make their own music video! The members all took cameras, set up their angles, and filmed themselves performing the track. Afterwards sending it off for a final touch to bring the entire thing to life.

Presenting, Alukah “Burning Momentum” and this is proof that no matter how large a band is, you can continue to be creative in many ways!


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