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CB Entertainment Expands with New Partners!

CB Entertainment is a worldwide entertainment firm. From Artist Management and Development, to Merchandising, Music Distribution, Tour and Event Promotions, Music Videos, Public Relations and more being offered. Initially focused in the United States and eventually moving partners into Canada, they have announced adding additional location partners for support in the firm from the United Kingdom, Germany, and France for Development, Marketing, and event promotions.

When asked about the continued growth, especially in such a hard time for the entertainment industry, specifically for musicians, owner Chris Bianchi had this to say:

"I'm extremely thankful that we've been able to stick to our own lane over the last nearly decade. So many hardships at this time and major firms falling apart, it always seemed the best way to go for us anyways staying mainly independent. It's an honor to continue adding new partners from around the world who see the similar vision and how we can work together to help each other continue to grow and adapt even in difficult times like these. A lot of great things in the works to come! Thanks."


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