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CB Entertainment Welcomes Junexa

CB Entertainment welcomes Syracuse, New York metalcore band Junexa!

Junexa featuring members Noah Rich- Vocals/Programming, Alec Rich- Lead Guitar, Josh Babcock- Drums, Erica Marino- Bass

The band has just released their new song “Lifeless” from the band’s upcoming EP- with the same title due out October 31st, 2020. Junexa brings their own formula to the table with their unique ambient features. The new song comes with a music video directed by Eric Decarlo. 

“This song is about being uncertain about the meaning of life and one’s position in the world. “Lifeless” is a technical track that has the most driven guitar work of the EP and showcases the ability to use both heavy atonal writing styles and a complementing melodic and atmospheric writing style together in a single song. That is the overall goal of the entire project.” -Vocalist Noah Rich


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