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Ghosts Of The Sun debut 'Aether' and join CB Entertainment!

Progressive-instrumental band Ghosts Of The Sun has just premiered visual stream for the single 'Aether' with that, they have joined CB Entertainment for worldwide representation.

Ghosts of the Sun is a four-piece post-metal outfit that draws from a wide range of genres including ambient, progressive, industrial, and post-rock. Songs are crafted emphasizing atmosphere, contrast, dynamics, patience, and exploration. Featuring members Eric Giardina - Guitar/Synths, Rick St. Germaine - Guitar, Justin Terry - Drums, Alex Vang - Bass.

'AETHER' is a result of the band's enthrallment with abstract science and art. The song embraces the heavier elements of their repertoire favoring the blistering attack of guitars and textural exploration." -Alex Vang (Bass)


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