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The Edge of Reason Premiere "One Way Ticket"

After spending many months like most other bands and artists, stuck inside, with no touring available and many rules holding back the daily everyday activities we once took for granted. The Edge of Reason has worked countlessly on its new image, music, and much more.

Introducing "One Way Ticket" the latest new single from the German-based group.

With influences taken from the likes of Falling In Reverse, My Chemical Romance, among others, transformed into its own unique style and presence.

You can stream "One Way Ticket" across all social media now!

When we spoke with the group about the track, its meaning, and more- here's what they had to say...

"One Way Ticket" is based on singer Ro Seven's emotions. The feeling that life is rushing past you and there is no turning back. The uncertain and oppressive feeling of dying one day with the same conflicts he had from the beginning. The fear of being "incurable" and all hopes and dreams are unattainable or already behind you.

The Edge of Reason's songs describe serious problems, but the music and the performance convey: now you know why you feel this way, now you can do better."

"A great fresh and rocking song!" -Robin Schmidt Mastering (e.g. Bring me the Horizon and more) (The song was mastered by Robin)


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