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If Ed Sheeran Were Pop Punk... ACROSS THE WASTELAND Making Viral Waves

Upon the release of Ed Sheeran’s latest record, Divide, pop rock act Across The Wasteland have released a pop punk rendition of the lead single, “Castle On The Hill” in the style of pop punk that calls into question whether or not Sheeran could front his own pop punk band.

Online reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, having received thousands of views in less than 24 hours after being publicly released. The Facebook teaser trailer alone is rapidly gaining momentum, and popularity from the underground pop punk community, and all organically driven.

The rendition of Sheeran’s song captures the essence of the original, while building on it. The band has created a symphony of pop and rock, and has enlightened their audience to what they’re capable of in the most spectacular of ways. Please find the Facebook post below, as well as the link to the full song.

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