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Southbound Beretta "Scotty Found Out" New Single Premiere

Hard-rockers Southbound Beretta are back with their strongest single yet, in an ode- to the classic comedy Euro Trip where "Scotty Didn't Know" well the time has come and....SCOTTY FOUND OUT!

This track has influences from heavy bands like Metallica and Pantera all while seamlessly pairing that with more classic elements for fans of Thin Lizzy, AC/DC and other classic sounding rock groups. Lyrically, the song is a poetically simple follow up to the classic "Scotty Doesn't Know". For any empaths out there, this song completes the story from Scotty's perspective and it turns out he was never really all too worried about Fiona's infidelity.

When we spoke to vocalist and guitar player Mike Brennan here's what he had to say about the track:

"This is a concept that I've had in mind since I was a kid. I remember always being heartbroken for the poor guy and wishing someone could let us know if he was ever able to forgive and forget or if he went the route of getting even. I decided to write the story to where he gets even and all is well in the end."

"This song has been MONTHS in the making. The idea for this song came about in late 2022. We recorded it shortly after with producer, Brian Thornburn. Originally, we were looking forward to a mid-summer release. But like any musician knows, there are always complications with the recording process. Unfortunately, we lost all files from the original session and had to re-record the track in late September. The guys made the best out of the less-than-ideal situation and decided to make some minor adjustments to the guitar parts, adding various fills and additional flares to the track. All of this took place just how it was supposed to and now the track is in the exact state that it needed to achieve before releasing."

Southbound Beretta hopes that despite the lighthearted lyrical content, the listener doesn't lose sight of the hard-driving rock and roll sound paired with modern elements from heavy bands with classic rock influences that leave the listener wanting more!

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