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Chronologist premiere "Cartographer" drum playthrough with Gear

Austin-based progressive metal band Chronologist are definitely an act to keep an ear out for.

The instrumental four-piece have been recording and playing airtight, proggy goodness since the release of their first demo EP in 2014. Since then, the dudes worked tirelessly on new music for their debut record Cartographer, which was released in late 2016. And to help showcase some of their newest progressive tuneage, drummer Zach Sacco has brought this exclusive for the closing title track from the record, on Gear Gods! In the drum playthrough, Zach holds down the rhythm section with ease.

The Chronologist dudes also have some mighty tasty playthroughs from bassist Jim Schaefer, which you can check out here.You can stream Cartographer on the band’s YouTube channel in full, and buy a digital copy on their Bandcamp or iTunes pages as well. You’ll also definitely want to be sure to get at their Facebook page, as the dudes always have something juicy in the works.

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