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"It’s no surprise that Dead Girls Academy are influenced by weirdo movies. Frontman Michael Orlando’s previous band, Vampires Everywhere!, lived and breathed old-school horror (hell, the band’s name was a Lost Boys reference). Meanwhile, the band’s video for Everything, the first single from their Victory Records debut Alchemy, is full of terrifying paranoid imagery straight out of a psychological thriller. This band makes it pretty clear that what they haven’t learned from playing to massive crowds on tours like Vans Warped Tour or their current jaunt with From Ashes to New and Badflower, they’ve learned from long nights lit by a screen with a bucket of popcorn.

What might be surprising to some fans is the direction the LA quintet takes with the video for their new single, Cannibal. Instead of blood and guts, DGA gets elbow deep in microchips and code, as Orlando is turned into an android being reprogrammed and given life for the first time…or is he? The video has fun with the modern question of what qualifies as truly human, in the vein of films like Ex Machina, Blade Runner, and Terminator.

As Orlando puts it:

“Most people expected a video drenched in blood or something out of Night Of The Living Dead, but that’s the reason we went ‘digital’ with the aesthetic. I’ve never done something like that before and this song leans on the concept of someone trying to change you. This is something we all deal with in friendships and relationships alike. Great things will come if you can look past other people’s distractions and know your self-worth.”

Watch the video for Cannibal below and wonder who created you in their image:

And make sure to catch Dead Girls Academy on tour with From Ashes to New, Badflower, and Killakoi at one of the dates below:

Oct 2 - Joliet, IL Oct 3 - Belvidere, IL Oct 4 - Detroit, MI Oct 6 - El Paso, TX (w/ Jonathan Davis from KORN) Oct 9 - Watertown, NY Oct 10 - Rochester, NY Oct 11 - Sturgis, MI Oct 12 - Madison, WI Oct 14 - Springfield, MO

Dead Girls Academy’s debut album Alchemy is available now on Victory Records. Buy it here.

Keep up with the band via their Facebook, Twitter, and Orlando’s Instagram pages. @DGAband

HOTO: Dustin Smith

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